Introducing, the most powerful X-Guide for precisely navigating surgeries from single implants to full arch reconstruction and everything in between. X-Guide NXT will empower you to navigate all your implant surgeries with remarkable ease.

X-Guide NXT features a new, low-profile design and impressively smooth, robust and efficient navigation guidance during live surgery.

52% Smaller Navigation Assembly
    • Smaller but mightier.
    • New, low-profile design featuring high-definition cameras, advanced optics technology, and the latest, high-quality LED lights. A winning combination that delivers navigation accuracy, reliability, and speed.
30% Larger Field-of-View
    • Every spot is a sweet spot during surgery.
    • New, high-definition cameras are optimally positioned to capture a wider field-of-view during surgery without moving the navigation assembly.
600 X-Corners Continuously Tracked
    • Highly accurate and reliable tracking of live movements of the patient and handpiece prevents disruption and provides a stable navigated surgery.

    • X-Guide’s unique proprietary tracking system tolerates extreme angles without losing tracking.

64% More Pixels, Processing up to 30% Faster
    • Higher-resolution cameras deliver impressive high-quality, crisp images.

    • More signal, less noise combined with more image frames processed per second delivers remarkably smooth and responsive tracking power.

2X Cpu Cores and 2.5 GPU Cores Delivering Accelerated Graphics
    • Remarkably fast processing of robust 3D visual workflows – optimal viewing of critical anatomy, virtual plans, and handpiece movements during live navigation.

4X the Storage
    • Flexibility to navigate more cases on your X-Guide system, and ample room for future innovation, software updates, and functionality.

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We have a lot to celebrate!

In addition to our 10th Anniversary, X-Nav Technologies is celebrating 300,000+ implant surgeries navigated in over 50 countries using the industry-leading X-Guide dynamic 3D navigation system.

Also, we are proud of our customers and excited to deliver the NXT level of innovation and value to the dental community.

Coming Soon!

All in all a unique X-Guide workflow taking you to fast, conversion-less full arch prosthetics and passive fit provisionals.

Achieve a faster, conversion-less full arch workflow using Fast-Map with X-Guide NXT for passive fit provisionals. Accurately map final implant position AND auto register to the 3D plan with anatomy, right on your X-Guide during surgery. (Coming soon)

A powerhouse in your office, delivering the fastest surgical navigation yet. Thereupon impressively smooth, robust, and efficient. Undeniably the X-Guide NXT is powering the future of navigation.

FastMap® Navigated Photogrammetry

Only X-Guide delivers the convenience of reliable and accurate IMPLANT-to-ANATOMY final positions during surgery.

  • Accurately map final implant position AND auto register to the 3D plan with anatomy, right on your X-Guide during surgery. Thus no separate equipment.
  • Additionally, for full arch, multiple implants, and singles.
  • Nonetheless there’s no need to surgically place fiducial markers in the palate for photogrammetry scan.
  • Proprietary scan bodies: MUA, CC-bridge, Implant level.
  • Easy STL export for your lab or in-office printer.
  • Basic photogrammetry also available. 
  • Not to mention competitive pricing — built right into your X-Guide.

X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation + FastMap Navigated Photogrammetry

Summing up it’s breakthrough digital technique to precisely place implants and allow you to efficiently deliver passive-fit, immediate prosthetics.