AI-Powered Acceleration for Your Navigated

Implant Surgeries 

Now, unleash the power of X-Guide with AI-driven automatic set-up and segmentation of anatomy, resulting in faster planning, less clicks, and more power over the entire volume of data.

unique to the X-Guide system

Experience a new level of clarity, efficiency, and precision in dental implant surgery 

With the IconiX AI software platform, you can maximize your time during dental implant planning and surgery.  IconiX AI will provide automatic, AI-powered set up and segmentation of:

  • Nerve Canal
  • Segmented mandible and maxillary bone
  • Sinuses
  • Individual Teeth
  • Individual Roots
  • IOS STL and soft-tissue

IconiX AI Acceleration

  • The fastest X-Guide navigation workflow available
  • Brilliant images
  • Automatic set-up and segmentation of anatomy
  • Plan clearly by turning anatomy and individual teeth on/off
  • See real height of bone clearly with segmentation
  • Automatic mapping of the nerve and panoramic arch
  • Faster, easier virtual registrations and calibrations
  • Segmentation of teeth, soft tissue and anatomy

As an added advantage, impress your patients with the most brilliant 3D images so that they can better visualize their 3D anatomy and your proposed treatment plans, which may assist with improved patient understanding and case acceptance. 

Let IconiX AI work for you, so you can get to what matters most:

patient-specific treatment planning & precision surgery. 

The most powerful X-Guide for precisely navigating surgeries from single implants to full arch reconstruction and everything in between. X-Guide NXT will empower you to navigate all your implant surgeries with remarkable ease.

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FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 2024 – EXPIRES MARCH 31, 2027

Initially used for surgical procedures across a range of medical specialties, dynamic navigation has recently been applied to dentistry, where it has proved to be a valuable asset to dental implant surgery. Dynamic navigation has helped avoid some of the limitations of static guides by countering the need for the design and fabrication of the guides and by offering augmented and unimpeded vision during the procedure as well as greater physical flexibility. Dynamic navigation is also more accurate and efficient than freehand surgery, while providing the same level of accuracy as static- and robotic-guided surgery. Perhaps most importantly, dynamic navigation is not a single technique, but rather is a mode of surgery that is useful for multiple procedures, and thus is not limited to implant placement.
Credits: 2 Self-Study CEU
Cost: $0

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Coming Soon!

Unique X-Guide workflow taking you to fast, conversion-less full arch prosthetics and passive fit provisionals.

Achieve a faster, conversion-less full arch workflow using Fast-Map with X-Guide NXT for passive fit provisionals. Accurately map final implant position AND auto register to the 3D plan with anatomy, right on your X-Guide during surgery. (Coming soon)

A powerhouse in your office, delivering the fastest surgical navigation yet. Thereupon impressively smooth, robust, and efficient. Undeniably the X-Guide NXT is powering the future of navigation.

FastMap® Navigated Photogrammetry

Only X-Guide delivers the convenience of reliable and accurate IMPLANT-to-ANATOMY final positions during surgery.

  • Accurately map final implant position AND auto register to the 3D plan with anatomy, right on your X-Guide during surgery. Thus no separate equipment.
  • Additionally, for full arch, multiple implants, and singles.
  • Nonetheless there’s no need to surgically place fiducial markers in the palate for photogrammetry scan.
  • Proprietary scan bodies: MUA, CC-bridge, Implant level.
  • Easy STL export for your lab or in-office printer.
  • Basic photogrammetry also available. 
  • Not to mention competitive pricing — built right into your X-Guide.

X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation + FastMap Navigated Photogrammetry

Summing up it’s breakthrough digital technique to precisely place implants and allow you to efficiently deliver passive-fit, immediate prosthetics.