These customer testimonials are only a small sample of what current X-Guide customers are saying about the X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation System in their practice.

We’re embarking on an incredible journey with X-Guide in Brazil, and we’re proud to be part of this global technology.

Dr. Carlos Breitenbach Scherer


I would say that the X-Guide just makes me a better implant surgeon. I know where the implant is going at all times, I am not worried about the “what ifs” (like does my guide really fit, is it all the way down, was there any flex in the guide, where is the tip of the implant going).

With conventional guided surgery, you still do not know where the implant is until you take your post op scan. It really helps with difficult cases and immediate extraction/implant cases.

Dr. Sean Healy, DDS

Santa Fe, NM

My second case with X-Guide was spot-on already. If I would have free-handed, I could have perfed the buccal plate and needed to add graft material and membrane. With X-Guide I navigated exactly to where I wanted to be.
Dr. John Russo, DDS, MHS

Sarasota, FL

I am the proud owner of the first system sold since X-Nav Technologies received its clearance for the X-Guide system. My first three surgeries were completed today with great trainers (thanks Nicole and Cara!). We are extremely excited about the future of guided surgery… We believe in better! Better accuracy, better surgery, better for our patients!
Dr. Manraj Bath, DMD

Pickerington, OH

I foresee a great future for my practice with X-Guide.
Dr. Ralph Alman, DMS

Rockville, MD

This technology is enabling me to push forward into a new technology raising the bar and heightening my implant arena expertise for the ultimate benefit to my patients.
Dr. Robert Pauley, DMD

Union City, GA

The wonderful thing about dynamic guidance and the X-Guide is that the intraoperative plan can be changed to adjust depth relative to clinical decisions that need to be made as far as soft tissue height and thickness during surgery — this is not possible with static guides.
Dr. Robert W. Emery, DDS

Washington, DC

The X-Guide has taken my practice to the next level in implant surgery. Not only does it allow precise surgery, it also gives valuable information to explain to patients what is needed.
Dr. Gregory McGee

Rio Grande, NM

I’ve placed 11 implants now and one more tomorrow. I’m loving it! I even had one patient come in for an implant evaluation and decided to go ahead with it. We had time to do the X-Clip and CBCT. I had a fallout in my schedule that afternoon and placed it the same day! Couldn’t ever do that with a conventional guide.
Dr. Dwight Simpson

Jackson, CA

X-Guide makes me better by giving the opportunity to safely navigate, closer and more precisely, alongside important anatomic limitations such as the alveolar nerve or between roots, giving also the benefit of the digital implant/prostho planning.

Dublin, Ireland

X-Guide facilitates minimally invasive surgery for my patients and gives me 100% control of my surgical plan. In full arch guided surgery, X-Guide allows direct clinical observation and access where a pinned static guide hinders visibility of some anatomy.

Sanger, Texas