Clinical Courses With Our Partners

Incorporating navigated implant placement into a practice-building digital workflow Live presentation and hands-on session 

Houston, TX
April 9, 2021

Speaker: Dr. Ken Parrish
Hosted by: Nobel Biocare

After this course, the participant will understand . . .

–  The workflow of 3D navigated implant placement from diagnostics through planning and surgical delivery. Included will be how to make any necessary adjustments to the plan even mid-surgery.

–  Implant placement, even in immediate sites, can be accurate and precise with real-time feedback and tactile sensitivity maintained. This is critical in cases where bone density has to be monitored during the osteotomy when primary stability with immediate provisionalization is a goal.

–  How the efficiency of navigated implant placement using X-Guide® allows routine treatment of patients even on an immediate urgent/emergent basis.

–  What prosthetically driven surgical planning can do to improve referral communication and satisfaction and strengthen the referral relationship while growing the practice.

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Russo Seminars: Surgical & Prosthetic Implant Navigation 

Sarasota, FL
May 21-22, 2021

Live implant navigation surgery course covering single implants with soft tissue management to immediate full arch reconstruction. The course is designed for dental implant surgeons with varying levels of X-Guide experience from beginners to experts (doctors and staff) to doctors looking to add dynamic navigation to their high-tech practices. The course will cover in lecture, hands on and live surgery the X-Guide’s new X-Mark virtual registration workflow, opportunities for navigated soft tissue management, the new EDX screw and arm attachment system for full arch cases and immediate full arch navigated prosthetics (terminal dentition to fully edentulous).

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Tunnel Grafting & Crestal Sinus Elevation 

Coeur d’Alene, ID
June 10-12, 2021

Daniel Cullum, DDS and Michael Block, DMD

Crestal sinus elevation and navigational surgery is an evidence-based presentation of traditional and minimally invasive techniques used to manage the spectrum of anatomic defects encountered in daily practice. Live surgery, videos, materials, and hands-on. Participants will gain understanding and proficiency with:

– Crestal sinus elevation techniques: osteotomes, reamer drills and hydraulics.
– Tunnel grafting techniques.
– Advanced crystal techniques including immediate implants and contiguous sinus floor elevation (CSFE).
– Dynamic Navigational Surgery.

21 CE Credits

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Avoiding & Managing Complications in Comprehensive Grafting & Ridge Expansion

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
October 14-16, 2021

Speakers: Dr. Daniel Cullum & Dr. Bach Le 

Various treatment strategies are used to restore horizontal bone deficiencies for optimal implant-prosthet- ic reconstruction including bone grafting with GBR/particulate, bone cores and blocks, as well as ridge ex- pansion, osteotomies and distraction. We will discuss diagnosis, CBCT, treatment planning and technique selection from a patient centric approach. Technical advances and pearls will be presented to enhance outcomes, prevent and manage complications.

21 CE Credits

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