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Dynamic Navigation for Dental Implants and Beyond — The Key to a Complete Digital Workflow


Robert W. Emery, BDS, DDS
Initially used for surgical procedures across a range of medical specialties, dynamic navigation has recently been applied to dentistry, where it has proved to be a valuable asset to dental implant surgery. Dynamic navigation has helped avoid some of the limitations of static guides by countering the need for the design and fabrication of the guides and by offering augmented and unimpeded vision during the procedure as well as greater physical flexibility. Dynamic navigation is also more accurate and efficient than freehand surgery, while providing the same level of accuracy as static- and robotic-guided surgery. Perhaps most importantly, dynamic navigation is not a single technique, but rather is a mode of surgery that is useful for multiple procedures, and thus is not limited to implant placement.
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X-Nav Technologies Announces 300,000+ Dental Implants Navigated Using the X-Guide® System


You can read the latest industry news on how dentists around the world embrace advanced surgical navigation technology to deliver more accurate and less invasive dental implants to patients. “We are proud of our customers for believing this is the best technology for their practice and opting to offer the capabilities of X-Guide surgical navigation to their patients,” said Edward Marandola, President of X-Nav Technologies.

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X-Guide® has earned a distinctive “Best Product” honor with a 4.9 product rating. The independent evaluation of the X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation system features assessments on topics such as Support, Ease-of-Use, Versatility, and Usefulness, among others. Read more about what dentists who use X-Guide have to say about navigation in their practice.

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Driven by vision, passion, and innovation, X-Nav Technologies delivers a better implant experience for surgeons and patients.

The X-Guide Dynamic Surgical Navigation system gives dentists the confidence of knowing the exact position, angle, and depth of the drill, implant, and anatomy at all times.

“When I opened my private practice, my first 2 investments were a cone beam imaging units and the X-Guide system. Since then, I’ve used it on virtually every implant case, and it’s been a game changer for consistency and precision,” says Aaron Quitmeyer, DDS.

Check out these Frequently Asked Questions and learn more about X-Guide navigation: Read more.

Connecting Technology Back to the Patient


X-Nav Technologies opened its doors with a vision to develop surgical products for the dental market that advance patient care while improving the surgical workflow.

The leadership team cultivated an A-team of engineers, developers, and employees to help fill the industry’s gap between digital implant treatment planning and surgery. The result: the X-Guide dynamic navigation system.

Our company is proud of the growth and milestones achieved in such a short amount of time, thanks to our valued employees and customers!

Learn more about X-Nav Technologies in this article and by visiting our ‘Company’ page.

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Surgical Navigation’s Role in Digital Implant Dentistry 


Learn about the prosthetically driven implant integration with X-Guide + 3Shape Implant Studio® and how dynamically guided navigation offers dentists a more accurate, streamlined workflow for implants.

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Laith Mahmood, DDS, MD discusses how X-Guide 3D dynamic navigation allows him to push the boundaries of implant placement while keeping him optimistic about the future of oral surgery.

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Beyond static guidance


For experienced surgeons, dynamic surgical navigation offers improved outcomes and other benefits. Hear what David Lee Hill, DDS and Jonathan Ng, DDS, MSC have to say about the benefits of Dynamic Navigation over static guidance. 

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How a 3D navigation system can set your implantology practice apart


Chris Salierno, DDS, Technology Editor at Dental Economics magazine talks about Navigation as a “technology that you should consider incorporating into your practice.” “Better clinical outcomes, both surgically and restoratively, are significant additions to your unique selling proposition.”

“Bringing advanced technology like a 3D navigation system into your practice will set your services apart from your colleagues. “ Click here to read more.

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X-Marks the Spot: X-Guide Facilitates Just-in-Time Treatment Planning


This isn’t future-state or fantasy dentistry. This powerful tool is being put to good use in practices around the country. In this issue of Oral Health Canada, Lou Shuman, CEO of Cellerant Consulting Group jumped at the chance to talk with Dr. William Scruggs of North Carolina Prosthodontic Specialists about why he chose X-Guide and how he’s using it to significantly improve clinical outcomes.

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X-Nav Technologies Improves Dental Implant Surgery with X-MarkTM Virtual-Based Navigation Technology


X-Nav Technologies, LLC announced that it has received 510(k) Clearance from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for X-Mark TM, a new virtual patient registration technology that advances navigated dental implant surgery.


Prosthetics-Driven Treatment Workflows for Full-Arch Implant Reconstructions

Inside Dental Technology

Stephen F. Balshi, MBE

This case series will review full-arch treatment with a single prosthetic device that is combined with guided implant placement. This can be done either with dynamic navigation or with static guidance.

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Implant Placement Accuracy Using Dynamic Navigation 

The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants

Michael S. Block, DMD/Robert W. Emery, DDS/Kathryn Lank/James Ryan, DDS, MS

Conclusion: Dynamic navigation can achieve accuracy of implant placement similar to static guides and is an improvement over freehand implant placement. In addition, there was a learning curve to achieve proficiency.

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Peer-to-Peer: Why I Use X-Guide

Dr. Aaron Quitmeyer was interviewed by Dental Product Shopper magazine to discuss his use of X-Guide dental implant navigation in his practice for everything from single implants to immediate and full arch cases. “It’s been a game changer for consistency and precision during dental implant placement.”

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CE Book: Interaction of CBCT, Intraoral Scanning, and CAD/CAM in Dentistry: An Overview

Robert Pauley, Jr., DMD

Dental implants have become an increasingly preferred option for patients with partial or complete edentulism. Digital technology has advanced to streamline and improve the workflow for patients who are receiving implants. This article will focus on the use of a digital workflow to optimize surgical and prosthetic results. This article will explain each of these technologies, discussing how they are used both individually and together to form a comprehensive, effective digital workflow.

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The X-Guide System Takes Center Stage As Navigation Booms

The X-Guide system has gathered a lot of attention as an industry-leading navigation system from surgeons, key opinion leaders, speakers, dental journals and associations.

Interactive, turn-by-turn guidance during live surgery gives you the ability to control the exact position, angle and depth — like a GPS for your handpiece.

The X-Guide system features patented technology that makes learning and integrating navigation technology easy. Read more.

Dynamic Image Navigation –

Implementation in the Esthetic Zone Utilizing a Multidisciplinary Approach

The Use of Dynamic navigation to prevent implant Complications...

Every Patient.

Every Time.

Audio Podcast

Dentists, Implants and Worms interview with

Dr. Robert Emery to Discuss Navigation

Dr. Justin Moody and the team at Dentists, Implants and Worms interviewed Dr. Robert Emery of Washington, D.C. to discuss how NAVIGATION technology is bursting into the implant world. Listen to this fun and educational audio podcast to hear why the X-Guide system stands out as the industry leader and learn about the future of Navigation in dentistry. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW.

CE Article: Implementing Dynamic Navigation Implant Surgery In A Modern Dental Practice

Dr. Michael Hartman discusses a technology that can have a positive effect on implant treatment outcomes.

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The X-Guide System Takes Center Stage As Navigation Booms

Clinical & Techniques


Applying the X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation System In Your Practice

Dental Products Report Magazine 4/2016 edition

A closer look at surgical navigation for dental implants from X-Nav Technologies. Click here to read more!

X-Guide Product Profile:

Implant Practice Magazine

 The X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation system is the featured Product Profile
in the April/ May 2016 – Vol 9 No 2 issue of Implant Practice US magazine.
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Accuracy analysis of free-handed implant placement compared to a dynamic navigation system.

Análise comparativa entre a precisão na instalação de implantes utilizando a técnica convencional versus a técnica guiada por imagem

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Dynamic Navigation for Dental Implant Surgery 

Minimally Invasive Extraction Site Management With Dehydrated Amnion/Chorion Membrane: Immediate Implant Placement With Dynamic Navigation

Compendium of Continuing Education
in Dentistry

The X-GuideTM Dynamic 3D Navigation system expands the surgeon’s control over the implant process during live surgery.

X-Nav Technologies, LLC announced today that it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the X-GuideTM Dynamic 3D Navigation system. The X-Guide system is designed to elevate the surgeon’s control and precision over the entire implant process, including planning and placement. This results in the ability to deliver a more desirable functional and aesthetic outcome in dental implant surgeries.

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