When an implant is placed in the ideal position, the restoration process will have less need for complicated prosthetics. Deviations in implant position include, but are not limited to, angulation, platform position, apical implant position, and depth. Deviations from an ideal placement can result in additional cost and time using custom-fabricated parts and variations in restorative methods. The free hand approach is less accurate compared with implant placement using navigation.

Implant placement accuracy is superior when using navigation, therefore, it is desirable to use navigation on every patient. The simple and efficient workflow of the X-Guide makes this possible.

The X-Guide can be used in every clinical situation for implant placement in every quadrant.

  • All Single tooth indications
  • All Partially dentate patients
  • Every Edentulous patient

Case 1

Single Tooth Anterior with high esthetic demands

Nineteen year old female with congenitally missing #10, orthodontics complete. Need minimally invasive approach with high accuracy essential.

Planning screen with virtual tooth superimposed on image guide pontic. Plan for X-Guide navigation with immediate provisional.

Six months post-op, note excellent soft tissue response.

Prosthetics: Dr. Keith Progebin
Orthodontics: Dr. John Shefferman

Note ideal position for optimal esthetics.

caSE 2

Single Tooth Anterior with high esthetic demand and digital orthodontic plan

Twenty-one year old female with congenitally missing #7. Orthodontics not yet complete. Digital prediction of final position. High accuracy essential.
Planning view with intraoral scan superimposed. Virtual tooth to simulate final orthodontic plan. Plan for X-Guide navigation with immediate provisional.
Six months post-op with final ideal position and esthetics after orthodontics completed.

Prosthetics: Dr. Keith Progebin
Orthodontics: Dr. John Shefferman


Multiunit Anterior with high esthetic demand and immediate provisional

47 year old male with root blunting and mobility #7, 8, 9. High accuracy essential for immediate provisional placement.
Plan for immediate extraction, placement and provisionalization.
Intraoperative view of implant placement.
Six months after final restoration.

Prosthetics: Dr. Kim Knoll

case 4

Single Tooth Premolar with sinus proximity considerations


43 year old male, bruxer, fractured #4, sinus proximity noted and angled root position.

X-Guide is essential to perform partial root extraction and sinus elevation with minimal invasive approach.

Planning image for extraction, immediate implant placement with partial root extraction and sinus elevation.
Post operative image showing sinus elevation and partial root extraction. 

Case 5

Single Tooth Molar with extraction and immediate placement with sinus elevation

62 year old male for with fractured #14. Planning image for extraction and immediate implant placement with sinus elevation.

X-Guide is essential for high accuracy to perform sinus elevation and immediate placement with poor bone quality.

Intraoperative view of X-Guide screen.
Clinical image of osteotomy, sinus elevation using X-Guide.
Two year post-operative.

Surgeon: Dr. Manraj Bath

case 6

Multiunit unit posterior restoration in poor quality bone (bone graft)

38 year old female with failed implant restoration requiring maxillary reconstruction and implant placement in areas #9 through #15.

X-Guide required for extreme accuracy and minimally invasive approach to avoid devascularizing graft.

Screws in place for edentulous registration approach.

No X-Clip used.

6 month post operative image showing hybrid prosthesis in place.

Prosthetics: Dr. Samual Lievano

Case 7

Edentulous Approach Mandible

40 year old patient with failing mandibular restoration. Requests immediate provisional. X-Guide required for high accuracy using prefabricated milled hybrid prosthesis and a digital approach.
Planning view showing intraoral scan superimposition, implant platform position and bone reduction grid.
Image of dynamically guided milled provisional. 
Photograph used by permission of


One week post provisional restoration.
Post operative image showing angled implant.

“The Accuracy of Dynamic Navigation Is Superior Compared To Freehand Implant Placement”