X-Guide Video Tutorials

Enjoy these tutorial videos that provide helpful instructions and software Tips & Tricks on how to optimize the use of the X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation system in your practice.

Please contact X-Nav Support with any questions or for additional information:
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Customer Conference
Planning Sofware
Edentulous Hardware
X-Clip Fabrication
Handpiece Hardware

X-Clip Fabrication

How to Make an X-Clip Impression

9:28 minute video

Planning Software

Overview of the Robust X-Guide Implant Planning Software

5:45 minute video

Basic Controls and Mouse Functions

3:42 minute video

Using the MPR Screen to View Axial, Coronal, and Sagittal Slices

1:30 minute video

Mapping the Panoramic Arch

2:27 minute video

Marking the Nerve Canal

3:04 minute video

Importing Intra-Oral Scans:

How to Register an Intraoral Scan to a CBCT Scan

4:01 minute video

Editing an Intraoral Scan Registration

1:30 minute video

Planning Virtual Crowns:

Virtual Crowning Planning: Tools & Techniques

4:20 minute video

Tips: Using Contralateral Teeth to Size Virtual Crowns

6:10 minute video

Planning Virtual Implants:

Planing Implants

8:25 minute video

Setting & Using the Distance Halo Tool

2:15 minute video

Saving Implant Favorites

1:36 minute video

Implant Nudge Tool

1:00 minute video

Using the Abutment Angle Visualization Tool

1:35 minute video


Converting a DICOM dataset to an STL File Format

2:45 minute video

Handpiece Hardware Connectors/Adapters

***Refer to supported handpiece doc #P009339: “X-Guide Supported Dental Handpieces” for determining your Assembly Method 1, 2 or 3

Handpiece Assembly Method #1

3:18 minute video

Handpiece Assembly Method #2

3:28 minute video

Handpiece Assembly Methody #3

3:05 minute video

Assembly of X-Guide Handpiece Tracker Nut to the W&H Handpiece, specific to Part # P008796

3:28 minute video

Assembly of X-Guide Handpiece Tracker Nut to the Bien Air Straight Handpiece, specific to Part # P009350

3:05 minute video

Assembly of X-Guide Handpiece Tracker Nut to the Salvin Handpiece, specific to Part # P007645

3:18 minute video


How to Assemble Handpiece & X-Clip Tracker Devices for Calibrations and Navigation

6:28 minute video

Understanding Calibration and Calibration Check

2:13 minute video

Calibration Procedure: Contra Lateral Handpiece & X-Clip Calibrations

4:33 minute video

Straight Handpiece Calibration

2:51 minute video

Utilizing & Calibrating the Contra Angle and Straight Handpiece in Same Surgery

3:05 minute video

Calibrating Friction Grip Drill Contra Lateral Handpiece (Brassler Forza & NSK Ti-Max)

1:30 minute video

Proper Camera Placement & Techniques

5:24 minute video

Understanding System Check and Performing Proper System Check

5:19 minute video

Understanding Depth Gage and the Implant Depth Adjustment Tool

2:48 minute video

X-Mark Process

What is X-Mark?

3:33 minute video

Planning – Set Refinement Surface Anatomy

2:36 minute video

Calibration – Handpiece and X-Mark Probe Tool

2:54 minute video

Registration – Mark Points & Register on Patient

5:30 minute video

Refinement – For Fine Tuning Registration, if needed

3:17 minute video

X-Clip Refinement: For Cases with X-Clip in the CBCT Scan

5:40 minute video

X-Mark for Edentulous Cases:

Set Refinement Surface Anatomy & Calibrations

5:18 minute video

Registration & Refinement

8:26 minute video

X-Mark for Small Field of View CBCT Scans:

Set Refinement Surface Anatomy & Calibrations

5:22 minute video

Registration & Refinement

7:38 minute video

Edentulous Hardware

EDX-S Series Hardware: Fixation to the Patient

5:07 minute video

EDX Tracker Arms / Screws – Placement

6:46 minute video

Virtual Customer Conferences

X-Nav Technologies Navigating Immediates – Virtual Customer Conference (October 2023)

with special guest, Dr. Michael Hartman DMD, MD of Hartman Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Mechanicsburg, PA

1 hour and 16 minute video

Getting The Most Out of Your X-Guide – Virtual Customer Conference (November 2022) 

With special guest Dr. Robert Emery 

1 hour and 23 minute video

X-Guide Full Arch Navigation – Virtual Customer Conference (April 2023)

With special guests Dr. Robert Emery and Dr. Eduardo Nicolaievsky

1 hour and 1 minute video

X-Nav Technologies New Software Features and Innovations – Virtual Customer Conference (August 2022)

with special guests, Co-Founders Edward Marandola, President & CEO and Christopher Scharff, Vice President  

1 hour and 13 minute video

These resources are provided to be used for quick reference purposes only and are not all-inclusive. These resources should be used in conjunction with proper product and/or clinical training and are not intended to replace the User Manual. Please note that some features and/or products may not be regulatory cleared, released or licensed for sale in all markets. These Videos and Quick Reference Guides are available for USA and Canadian customers. For local language instructions, please refer to the User Manual.