X-Guide Quick Reference Guides

Quick reference guides provide helpful, condensed step-by-step instructions on certain topics for using your X-Guide navigation system.

Please contact X-Nav Support with any questions or for additional information:
267 – 436 – 0420

X-Guide Patient Tracker Assembly Quick Reference Guide

P010259 Rev B


X-Guide Tracker X-Clip Calibrations Quick Reference Guide

P010261 Rev B


X-Guide X-Mark Registration/Calibrations Quick Reference Guide

P011746 Rev A


X-Guide Patient Registration Options Quick Reference Guide

P011459 Rev B


X-Guide Full Arch Dual Scan Technique Quick Reference Guide

P011215 Rev B


X-Guide EDX-S Series Full Arch Hardware: Fixation to the Patient Quick Reference Guide


X-Guide Full Arch EDX Hardware Attachment Quick Reference Guide

P011730 Rev A


X-Guide Full Arch EDX Hardware Placement Quick Reference Guide

P011337 Rev B


X-Guide Original Edentulous Clip Hardware Quick Reference Guide

P011214 Rev B


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These resources are provided to be used for quick reference purposes only and are not all-inclusive. These resources should be used in conjunction with proper product and/or clinical training and are not intended to replace the User Manual. Please note that some features and/or products may not be regulatory cleared, released or licensed for sale in all markets. These Videos and Quick Reference Guides are available for USA and Canadian customers. For local language instructions, please refer to the User Manual.